Burled Maple Live Edge Dining Room Table and Console

 Our client found some amazing live edge boards and wanted to design a one-of-a-kind dining room table. 

Live edge slabs come from full logs sliced into multiple sections and thicknesses.  

 We used a burled maple with a pretty crazy shape 

 Once we came up with the design of the metal base we made a scale drawing to make sure the client's vision would be perfectly executed before we started the fabrication. 

 After  the base was welded came the  4 step finish process to achieve a smoked brass finish.  The first step was to chrome plate the base.  

Second step,  to apply the brass finish over the chrome to create a beautiful transparent color. 

Final step, applying  a satin pre-catalyzed bar top lacquer. 

Our client also wanted a dining room console with the brass base to match the dining table base. 

Time for delivery. The console was pretty heavy so we assembled the base at the client's home. 

Set up complete and the room looked beautiful. 

One last pic... 



Custom Barn wood Outdoor Sofa

Labor day may have come and gone, but it's always summer here in So. Cal.  This summer we constructed one of our biggest outdoor sofas yet for Legaspi Courts.  A client fell in love with a some exterior sofas from a hotel he was staying at and designer Edel Legaspi developed the design to fit his outdoor space.  
 Our job was to bring the vision to fruition by constructing the massive 16 foot frames with material suitable for outdoor use.
Edel's vision was for  the sofas to be made from vintage barn wood and we found some delicious silver gray vintage fencing; however,  the material wasn't going to be structurally sound or thick enough to actually build with.
 To achieve the authentic look and have the giant structures be functional pieces of furniture and hold up to the outdoors, we built them out of  solid redwood using special outdoor glue and then clad the entire exterior with the prime aged lumber.
Once the redwood construction was complete we began the process of cladding the sofas with the vintage barn wood.  
 We finished the new redwood with a special process to give it the similar silvery grey patina.
 Voila!  the perfect marriage of beauty and brawn.
Giving the cushions a try before we finish up this project  


3505 w pico blvd

los angeles ca 90019

t: 323 641 0250   



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Industrial Threaded Rod and Nut Bookcase

Here's one of our most shared pinterest products so we decided to show the behind the scenes making of.
Pretty much everything in our shop starts with a bunch of good looking reclaimed douglas fir that we salvage from old homes in the Los Angeles area. Most of the properties are from 1930 or before because that's were you find the true 2" thick old growth and mostly vertical  grain wood..... beautiful material !!
The fun of interior design and building custom furniture is that we get to start with a blank space and transform into the clients vision. 
The most time consuming part of this project was setting all the nuts and bolts . We had to start at the top and thread each and every nut.
Daniel was figuring out how much height was needed for each section. shelf at a time
For this size of bookcase it's best to have two people assemble since the shelves are heavy and there are lots of threaded bolts to be placed.
Fully assembled and ready for our clients books and art collection from around the world. 
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My Favorite Red Interiors

As February, the official month of red, wraps up I wanted to show some of the favorite home designs we've done in red. 
One of my favorite kitchens of all time. No grey cabinetry and white caesar stone here.  Each drawer designed for a specific purpose reminiscent of an antique apothecary cabinet.

custom made red kitchen cabinets and antique glass hutch los angeles

hand made custom kitchen with drawers and antique spanish hardware in red lacquer

The house is a 1920's Spanish revival and the hard wrought metal hardware looks like part of the original kitchen. We kept the drawers classic with just a small bead routing.  It's all about the color and hardware. 
solid wood custom kitchen cabinets with large black spanish hardware
For the dining room we designed a parquet walnut trestle table and classic Spanish parson chairs in red velvet.  We didn't want the dining room looking serious a la Hearst Castle, we wanted a relaxed, lived in look so we chose to leave the walnut in a clear wax finish. 
custom made solid walnut trestle table spanish style in los angeles
parquet top walnut rope twist custom made long dining table in Los Angeles
Keeping with our theme of  "rebellious formal" style,  played off the traditional stripes for the curtains, but instead of a heavy velvet used a soft linen with irregular striping and strands of pure white keeping the look fresh and crisp. 
spanish custom upholstered dining chairs in red velvet, made in Los Angeles
Of course the red continued into the exterior with custom settees.  The original Spanish trestle table from their old house is perfect in this outdoor entertaining area and is antiquing well in the elements. 
outdoor 10 foot spanish trestle table in reclaimed vintage wood
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New Zinc Finishes

 We've been exploring some new finishes in zinc and metal and developed three new shades that were the most popular in 2017.  The fabulous thing about these finishes is their warm and beautiful finish which is also fairly bulletproof to the slings and arrows of outrageous children and slovenly partners.
 Our X base table with mist finish, reminds me of the moon behind rain clouds. 


A darker and more moody version,  our Rain finish on steel


Rain on zinc

 A  custom metal extension table in Downtown finish

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Bookcases: the soul of a home

  Probably my favorite projects is making custom book cases for people passionate about their books and longing to give them the centerpiece they deserve.  Bookshelves, unlike other examples of our conspicuous consumption invite others to partake in their glory, to share in the wonders within.
Today the combination of wood and metal transform the classic, English wood paneled library into to a fresh modern level while still beckoning us to explore the worlds and adventures that every library possesses.  Libraries pulse with a sense of adventure, the unexplored that lies just behind the cover of any book.  There is a quiet but electric energy within a library that both titilates the imagination while relaxing the spirit simultaneously. 
I love the seamless way modern design has transformed the  "Downtonesque", stuffy-tea-or-perhaps-brandy traditional bookcase styling of the nobility into a contemporary, vibrant celebration of the modern everyman.
More than any other piece of furniture bookcases reveal the soul of the home's occupants. Some are meticulously arranged in descending height with not a tear or crease on the dust cover, in an orderly precise universe.  
Other bookcases have books  haphazardly placed in any random order or even (gasp!) haphazardly flung on top of another, it's owner all ready off on another literally adventure.
   A person's  personality, passions and biases  can be easily pieced together just by looking at titles on the shelves so it is fitting that bookcases be designed as individually as each of the books they hold and the person they reflect. 
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Two-Toned Custom Hollywood Table

Providing custom finishes gives our clients the opportunity to go beyond just picking a different size  and really giving a piece their perfect color to compliment their home environment.  


we've made the Hollywood in Silver Metallic



as well as antiqued gold

This year we worked long distance with a couple in Virginia to get the perfect two-tone look on the Hollywood base--a new thing for us.  Receiving inspiration pictures really helps understand the look. 

First the concept was for the stem to be one color and the base another.


On further consideration we decided  a more sophisticated look would be to just highlight the square detail at the bottom of the pedestal stem .  This felt more organic and balanced.   Next, making samples to go with the chandelier in the dining room. 


 With the instant communication possible these days it's easy to work out design details instead of the literal months that it took years ago of mailing images and samples back and forth.  The base looked amazing. 



And the room came out stunning.


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Magical Morphing Bench into Table Set!

  A client came to the factory with the "mystery"  piece of furniture which he wanted to improve upon in terms of quality, design and sizing for his house. When my shop foreman saw it I could literally see the cogs in his brain spinning as he anglicized and mathematized on first,  how to reproduce it (but better of course) and second, why does this guy want this???


Here's the final product.  At first glance it appears like an ordinary bench albeit a bit chunky in proportion--like a Shaker bench that got upsized.  But wait, there's more.




 Upon further examination it becomes clear this is no ordinary bench, but a two for one fold up of some kind....

 Voila, a bench transformed into a complete dining set.  Not exactly the finessed Japanese furniture design for tight spaces, but an American, beefed up version of space saving. 

 Making a template for the custom metal plates we fabricated

Puzzle put together and ready for a distressed wax finish.

And here's the original piece that was brought in...

illustration by: Freepik

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We had fun custom building a coffee table for the artist ZHU

One of our most creative projects last year was creating a coffee table for the grammy nominated but mysterious young talent, Zhu

Read the L. A. Times article about this "mystery man".


We were asked to create a coffee table as a three dimensional rendition of Zhu's logo.


First we designed the logo to be seen as a top view on the coffee table, but it lacked the dynamic we wanted and finally came up with this rendition.

 Everybod loved the design, but rendering something on a cad program is the easy part; making it a functional piece of art is another matter.  It was important that the "Z" have be structurally stable so we used 2" solid wood.

 Sanded and ready to go into the finishing booth.

The juxtaposition of the earthy vintage Douglas Fir and the minimalist, clean design created a piece that was  modern and edgy,  while elegant and bespoke

The final product was a perfect representation of Zhu's innovative, clean sound.  Love his song Faded.

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Custom Mahogany Trestle Table & Buffet

Not all custom is the same and sometimes there ends up being a lot of details to be chosen as the piece is being built. Seeing something from an inspiration picture gives everyone the big picture, but once the mechanical drawings start being rendered there can be lots of detail questions pertaining to styling and function. This requires a client who is fully involved in the process and willing to embark on the unknown in order to attain the perfect piece for them (and quick on the emails!). Here's the journey of a very custom buffet and happy ending.

It started with this inspiration picture--looks innocent enough, some invisible drawers, some drawers, easy peasy. 


Challenge 1: Draers being shaped.  At first we thought we could use pre made moulding, but of course just like Goldilocks, they were either too big, too small, or too darn ugly to work.  

Option one:  use some prefab moulding and add the bead moulding that was used on the table, but this made the interior height  of the drawer too short for what our client wanted, and the design was looking clunky and contrived. 

Option two: Custom make each section of the drawer-- not a small feat considering we don't have a shaper machine or time to order custom router bits.


an immense amount of work, but well worth it .

Challenge 2:  the baseboard.  Given the size of the drawers, an appropriately scaled base was necessary, but once again none to be found in the ready made world.  We created our own moulding to create the perfect balance.

the winner

runner up

Challenge 3:  LED Monster Lighting.  Is it because the population age gap that all lighting now is either geriactically runway bright or milleniumally a mere glow?  The LCD strip light for the center section felt neon bright instead of nuanced glow for crystal ware so we tucked in behind the drawer box and it produced the perfect, soft lighting for a romantic dinner. 

The final product came out beautiful and most importantly correctly proportionate. 


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