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Two-Toned Custom Hollywood Table

Providing custom finishes gives our clients the opportunity to go beyond just picking a different size  and really giving a piece their perfect color to compliment their home environment.  


we've made the Hollywood in Silver Metallic



as well as antiqued gold

This year we worked long distance with a couple in Virginia to get the perfect two-tone look on the Hollywood base--a new thing for us.  Receiving inspiration pictures really helps understand the look. 

First the concept was for the stem to be one color and the base another.


On further consideration we decided  a more sophisticated look would be to just highlight the square detail at the bottom of the pedestal stem .  This felt more organic and balanced.   Next, making samples to go with the chandelier in the dining room. 


 With the instant communication possible these days it's easy to work out design details instead of the literal months that it took years ago of mailing images and samples back and forth.  The base looked amazing. 



And the room came out stunning.


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Magical Morphing Bench into Table Set!

  A client came to the factory with the "mystery"  piece of furniture which he wanted to improve upon in terms of quality, design and sizing for his house. When my shop foreman saw it I could literally see the cogs in his brain spinning as he anglicized and mathematized on first,  how to reproduce it (but better of course) and second, why does this guy want this???


Here's the final product.  At first glance it appears like an ordinary bench albeit a bit chunky in proportion--like a Shaker bench that got upsized.  But wait, there's more.




 Upon further examination it becomes clear this is no ordinary bench, but a two for one fold up of some kind....

 Voila, a bench transformed into a complete dining set.  Not exactly the finessed Japanese furniture design for tight spaces, but an American, beefed up version of space saving. 

 Making a template for the custom metal plates we fabricated

Puzzle put together and ready for a distressed wax finish.

And here's the original piece that was brought in...

illustration by: Freepik

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