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Since 1989 we have been collaborating with commercial and residential interior designers, architects and developers on commercial and residential projects creating custom pieces in metal, upholstery and wood. From carving custom southwest bunk beds in the late 80s’ to reproducing Stickley Mission Oak and slip covering everything in the 90’s, to creating the custom industrial metal and mid century walnut designs of today. Our exteriors may change, but the interior of each piece remains constant: impeccable craftsmanship, top tier materials and commitment to detail (as well as deadlines).


Our discounts range from 10-20% depending on whether the item is a production piece, import or custom design, and quantity. Contract, private label and large quantities are individually reviewed and priced at net.


We’ve created one of kind designs ranging from 40 foot dining tables, to suspended rope beds, to seven screen media systems, to Beatrix Potter changing tables. We look forward to collaborating and creating with you.


To become a trade partner, fill out the application along with copies of the following: resale certificate, business license, certificate of design affiliation.

For all enquiries please email us at 



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