Bookcases: the soul of a home

  Probably my favorite projects is making custom book cases for people passionate about their books and longing to give them the centerpiece they deserve.  Bookshelves, unlike other examples of our conspicuous consumption invite others to partake in their glory, to share in the wonders within.
Today the combination of wood and metal transform the classic, English wood paneled library into to a fresh modern level while still beckoning us to explore the worlds and adventures that every library possesses.  Libraries pulse with a sense of adventure, the unexplored that lies just behind the cover of any book.  There is a quiet but electric energy within a library that both titilates the imagination while relaxing the spirit simultaneously. 
I love the seamless way modern design has transformed the  "Downtonesque", stuffy-tea-or-perhaps-brandy traditional bookcase styling of the nobility into a contemporary, vibrant celebration of the modern everyman.
More than any other piece of furniture bookcases reveal the soul of the home's occupants. Some are meticulously arranged in descending height with not a tear or crease on the dust cover, in an orderly precise universe.  
Other bookcases have books  haphazardly placed in any random order or even (gasp!) haphazardly flung on top of another, it's owner all ready off on another literally adventure.
   A person's  personality, passions and biases  can be easily pieced together just by looking at titles on the shelves so it is fitting that bookcases be designed as individually as each of the books they hold and the person they reflect. 
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