Industrial Threaded Rod and Nut Bookcase

Here's one of our most shared pinterest products so we decided to show the behind the scenes making of.
Pretty much everything in our shop starts with a bunch of good looking reclaimed douglas fir that we salvage from old homes in the Los Angeles area. Most of the properties are from 1930 or before because that's were you find the true 2" thick old growth and mostly vertical  grain wood..... beautiful material !!
The fun of interior design and building custom furniture is that we get to start with a blank space and transform into the clients vision. 
The most time consuming part of this project was setting all the nuts and bolts . We had to start at the top and thread each and every nut.
Daniel was figuring out how much height was needed for each section. shelf at a time
For this size of bookcase it's best to have two people assemble since the shelves are heavy and there are lots of threaded bolts to be placed.
Fully assembled and ready for our clients books and art collection from around the world. 
Posted by Daniel Kucan on 20 March, 2018 1 comment
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  • laure - October 21, 2019

    Hi ! I am very interested in this kind of shelving. How thick are the rods? Would the shelves be able to stand on their own, or do they have to hold to the ceiling for stability?
    Thank you.

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