Custom Reclaimed Wood Dining Benches & Tables

 Custom dining tables and benches have become more popular over the last 5 years and add a strong design element to the current organic modern interior design trend going on. Benches are a great way to fit the maximum amount of people around a dining table and bring out the best in conversations.

The benches featured n the blog are all built in reclaimed douglas fir that we salvage from mostly homes (1930's or earlier ) throughout the Los Angeles area. The wood is very tight vertical grain from  old growth forests along the west coast.

Many of the custom pieces we make are from pictures or drawings our clients give us so most of these projects are one of a kind.

 Matching bench and table design provides a more formal feel. 


Mixing leg styles add a playful element to this dining table set 


Benches are particularly functional for small spaces, but can still be stylish.


A rift on our classic tapered leg design.   This table and bench set was for outdoors made of Ipe wood with an out door powered coat finish. 



 A fun kitchen setup for a small space . The chairs are made in aluminum and we added metal brackets to enhance the table and bench corners

Think we've made every version of a X base table design 


Nothing more fun than using huge solid reclaimed beams for golf course in the Texas 

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Organic modern is all the rage and mixing brushed metal and reclaimed wood is a great design statement 






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Fabulous use of Mint Green Interior at Mint Hotel Madrid

 On a recent trip we were strolling down Madrid's famous Gran Via late one night and suddenly came upon the uber fresh, unabashedly welcoming foyer at The Mint Hotel.

Being used to the seeing default design of grey furniture, linen upholstery and industrial lighting that has become text book retail design, I nearly choked on my churro at the sight of an actual color being unapologetically used in a commercial lobby, and a bright one at that.

The crisp minty green, colorful liquor bottle and crisp glass chandelier at the entrance instantly evoked the attitude of the hotel--innovative, creative and whimsical.  No subdued shades of grey upon shades of grey upon (yawn) shades of linen.  No burgundy walls with (double yawn) with tufted chesterfield sofas & vintage Parisian club chairs in distressed leather.  I was in love and quickly lured in.

The interior did not disappoint.  Instead of a grand lobby there were intimate, homey rooms with well designed lighting to encourage relaxing and lounging.

 A cheeky play on the ubiquitous cream tufted sofa.


Tart splash of raspberry to keep the mint in line.


pattern, wood and taupe color way showing the more grown up side.  


Warm walnut stair rail contrasting the vintage iron elevator and marble steps.


The library replete with it's own newspaper.

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Anatomy of a Custom Trestle Table

 It all starts with some 100 year old douglas fir we salvage from local demolitions 

 We mill all the lumber into the correct dimensional sizes so we can fabricate all the parts of the table before assembly. These pieces are for the trestle legs and the supports that will hold the leaf extension tracts. 



Once the top and bottom of the leg is build its time to glue up the wood block that will become the pedestal 


 Every piece of furniture we build requires templates so we can reproduce the same design in the future. The pattern in this picture will be traced onto the wood block and then it's off to the band saw 


Each block is hand cut and shaped on the bandsaw.


 Once the post for the has been cut we do a preliminary sanding and then assemble the parts to create the trestle.

 Looking good 




Pipe clamps are the work horse of the shop . It takes around 2 hours for the glue to dry so we can proceed to the next step ... assembling the complete table.



 This reclaimed wood extension table will have a rough distressing and natural wax top.
 Below is one of the bigger tables we built in 2017 . This 14ft table and matching benches found a new home under a covered logia in La Canada 


Love the way this solid white oak extension trestle table turned out . Going to be a perfect fit for 1920's spanish style home in Glendale  




A slight variation with an apron and extensions. 


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Modern Leathered Marble & Walnut Cocktail Table

Some of my favorite projects are when clients come in with drawings of their perfect must   have creations, so begins the journey of this coffee table  

The first and often the hardest part is deciding what materials work best for the interior of the space its going in which in this case is a cozy entertainment room with a bar and fire place. We decided to pay a visit to the marble yard because this was the most important element to showcase the coffee table and we found this amazing remnant piece that is a leathered marble. 

 The client wanted a heavy feeling top so we made 3" thick side with mitered edges so it looked like a huge slap of marble

 Once the we picked up the marble the first thing for the wood shop to do was glue it to a plywood substrate and this will both give the top a strong foundation and also what we needed to attache the walnut legs to the top

 Solid domestic walnut was selected since it is the perfect compliment for the beautiful coloring of the marble 


 Our client wanted a solid feel for the wood to balance the thickness of the top so we laminated two pieces of 2" walnut together 

Just chunks of wood but soon our carpenters are going to make furniture magic with these pieces 

 Once the wood is dry its time to create the leg profile which we did with a bandsaw 

It's time to assemble the parts , sand and finish with a linseed oil to maintain the most natural look of the walnut as possible

 Our client rocked this design, just perfect for his space and I'm sure many hours of entertaining to follow

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Custom Round Tables from Mid Century Modern to Spanish Revival

 We started our company in 1989  and custom tables have been the most  requested of all the home furnishings products we build. We can honestly say that almost all our tables are one of a kind, customized for the unique interiors of our clients. 

These days I would say that more than half of all the furniture pieces we custom build are for clients out of state . 

 A amazing 80" round solid walnut dining table with a linseed oil finish .


A very heavy, solid 2" think Mahogany dining table for a  modern home in Malibu.

 A tulip style in white oak. Over the last few years white oak has been the wood of choice for most of our interior designers.


A before pic of a mission style table for the clients Green and Green home in Pasadena 


The finished table with a dark walnut top and satin white base.


Industrial table are a blast to make and this is part of a series of bistro table for a pup in Seattle . The top is made with cold rold steel and we used old tractor brakes for the base of the leg.


Zinc will never go out of style and this 60" round distressed and aged top was a perfect fit for the clients mountain retreat.


 Urban Modern is the decor djour in L.A. these days since it's not the stark museum modern.   It combines sleek lines with warm wood creating a modern vibe that  has some warmth for the residential interior.



 We used old Hollywood film light stands as the base for these metal top bistro tables 

For the classic spanish colonial home built in the 1920's a blend of chic velvet customized chairs and a birds eye maple family heirloom dining table mixed with a hand carved indonesian cabinet ... the perfect L.A. design story  



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Modern Coffee Table in Metal, Oak, and Glass

Here's a riddle for all you DIY fanatics out there.  What do you get when you cross

an I-beam

a piece of 3/4" glass


and a stack of white oak lumber?

Here's a hint.  It's modern. It's balanced. It's multi-planed. No Clue? Here are more hints.

The wood becomes a block which is turned. 



The beam is cut and welded.



And the glass, well, just stays a piece of glass.
Give up?

Answer: an organic, contemporary coffee table design provided by one of our designers.

These three very unique elements organically and ergonomically come together in a harmonious balance of metal, wood and glass.

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Old Pantry Doors Transformed into Art

There are amazing laundry door designs available these days ranging from the now ubiquitous sliding barn doors to sleek mid century doors with frosted glass panels thankfully replacing old school standard-prefab-dust-attracting louvred doors. 

barn doors beautifully upscaled from

There is controversy, however as some plumbers precaution that there must be air flow for the dryer if gas beyond just venting, hence the cheapo "shuttered" doors someone in the 50"s thought was high design.  So while the new doors are gorgeous, they should be left open while the dryer is operating, not so gorgeous.

love the bright green!  Image from

I have a solution.  A stunning solution.  LASERS...

We recently transformed old pantry doors into magnificent works of art. 

 We used the same door frames as the older tracking hardware was much better quality than the new stuff available, and all the leveling was already done.  We cut out the middle louvers  and replaced them with custom laser cut panels in a waterfall design.

For finishing, we took inspiration from a gilded end table, but two toned the doors using a metallic silver back panel to accentuate the antiqued gold metallic panels.



The transformation was close to miraculous.



Without the backing the laser panel doors would make the perfect laundry doors, designer chic and ventilated.  An incredible replacements to these low grade, dust loving, always-off-the-track bifold doors.


Sadly, my own.

Years ago when I remodeled there were no options for these tight spaces, but now I have a dream and I envision doors made out of these Moorish beauties greeting me as I enter the back ktichen door.  



 Sigh, someday...

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Industrial Metal Table with Extensions

Over the past 28 years we've made thousands of dining tables and hundreds of those have been extension tables, but recently we made something we've never done before--a metal table top with built in extensions off the heads.  That's the glorious thing about custom work. There's always a new creative design to be built from just a picture or straight out of one of our designer's fertile imagination.  Along with the flow of all those creative juices comes the less savory challenge of how to engineer the darn thing.

Recently a client wanted to make our metal double pedestal table with extensions which we had never done before.  Of course it could be done; the table needed to be completed re engineered.

Here's a top view showing the framing system that is usually under our metal tops.  This construction wouldn't work for this project.  The grid frame wouldn't allow the tracking system for the extensions to go through.

To give us the space we needed we attached a 3/4" plywood sub straight underneath the metal top to provide strength without impeding the tracks.  

We found this new technique superior to the old framing system since it avoided having to make small tack welds between the frame and the top and thus eliminated tiny divets on the table surface caused by the heat of the mig weld. Have I lost you yet?  The mechanical details don't matter, but what does matter is that by having an engineering challenge on one particular project  we found a better, stronger way of constructing all our metal table tops, proving that necessity is indeed the mother of all inventions.

The results--a stunning table and a happy designer.

Another first time detail on this table is the designer decided to make the extensions wood to counter the metal top.  She knew her client would always use a table cloth when the extensions were in so why make them three times heavier than necessary?  Smart thinking!


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Top Two Reasons to Use Zinc on Table Tops

Zinc has been the rage in the last few years as a surface top for tables, and with good reason.  Here are three of the best.

#1 Styling

The combination of zinc tops on wood frames has expanded the design choices.  The old choices were limited--having an all wood wood table or having a wood and glass combination.  Glass tops are limited to having metal bases which tend to be either overly ornate Tuscany via Vegas style or very contemporary.  Zinc can be dressed up or dressed down with either wood or metal bases and it can be finished with  either a modern  high polish or a European aged patina. 

The weathered Oak, inlaid zinc and vintage nailheads make this table look as if it came straight out of  a wine tasting in Bordeaux


Perfect blend of warm wood and cool metal



This table prefers to spend it's time in the city. 


Zinc also adds a fresh material and texture to a room.  Particularly in kitchens having wooden cabinetry a zinc table provides visual relief and texture. Our custom zinc island provided a focal point to the kitchen. The sleek, polished surface balanced well against the heavier, earthier styling of the reclaimed wood cabinet.


#2 Durability

Wood has the drawback of being easily scratched and gouged by kids or most likely the men in the family that behave like kids.  Glass is forever smothered by  a fog of fingerprints, food or dog slobber (my personal case).  Zinc does not gouge as easily as wood, and when antiqued leaves no evidence of hand prints.  Unlike wood, zinc will never crack or warp or chip like glass. It is non-porous so water rings, etc. will fade and blend over time along with the natural patina that occurs.


Our Viktor table: indestructible zinc  a la urban industrial chic!

 For  you germaphobes,  zinc has the benefit of being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and nonporous.  It also cleans with good old fashioned, non toxic  soap and water, perfect for the family's kitchen banquette table. 

spill and crayola away kids!

We've been using this fabulous new wax to protect further against water rings.  It's 100% natural made from only hempseed oil and beeswax. I apply it without gloves and after years of having chapped hands from applying waxes with chemical, my hands are now pianist soft due to Fend Wax.  Get some!


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The Banquette Kitchen Paradox

In the last year we've custom designed and created more banquette tables than I recall having ever done in years past.  I've always had a love hate relationship with banquettes.  Banquettes create lots of seating space by efficiently attaching benches to walls and providing the always welcome extra trunk storage or drawers.  The unusual shapes add interest and the upholstery adds a terrific opportunity to bring color and texture to kitchens which tend to we monochromatic.   The upholstery also creates a sense of warmth against the hard kitchen materials such as  granite, wood, and stainless steel.  The cozy nook ambiance instantly beckons us over for a quiet cup of coffee or family pizza night.  So what's not to love? my issue is what I refer to as Faux Functionality.
Have you sat at a banquette that where you can't possibly comfortably reach the table so you end up slumped over the table with an aching back or piling a bunch of pillows behind to?  This happens because banquettes are  a cleverly designed piece of  architecture is individually sized  for the particular house, but usually paired with a standard table making them often inefficient and uncomfortable (not to mention the slight sense of claustrophobia if your stuffed in the dreaded middle section).  The physics of a round table inside a hexagon shape doesn't work very well for optimal seating.
Of course our brilliant clients recognize this and have their tables custom made.  By making the table top mirror the banquette shape, at least two more seating areas become available. By making the overhang longer than on a standard oval or round top in proportion to the pedestal we ensure diners can have proper back support and reach their plates.  This can be tricky as we never want the top to wobbly or unbalanced.   
This fabulous metal and reclaimed table was 78 x 54, allowing seating for 8.
         This custom shape provides maximum seating and comfort.
This waxed zinc top can be easily sanded to brand new after the kids "distress" it.
This vintaged racetrack shape looked like it was built with the 1920's bungalow.
This industrial metal pedestal with ebonized solid walnut top proves not all banquettes need be traditional.  Whatever your style, we're ready to create your fantastic and functional banquette table.
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