Modern Leathered Marble & Walnut Cocktail Table

Some of my favorite projects are when clients come in with drawings of their perfect must   have creations, so begins the journey of this coffee table  

The first and often the hardest part is deciding what materials work best for the interior of the space its going in which in this case is a cozy entertainment room with a bar and fire place. We decided to pay a visit to the marble yard because this was the most important element to showcase the coffee table and we found this amazing remnant piece that is a leathered marble. 

 The client wanted a heavy feeling top so we made 3" thick side with mitered edges so it looked like a huge slap of marble

 Once the we picked up the marble the first thing for the wood shop to do was glue it to a plywood substrate and this will both give the top a strong foundation and also what we needed to attache the walnut legs to the top

 Solid domestic walnut was selected since it is the perfect compliment for the beautiful coloring of the marble 


 Our client wanted a solid feel for the wood to balance the thickness of the top so we laminated two pieces of 2" walnut together 

Just chunks of wood but soon our carpenters are going to make furniture magic with these pieces 

 Once the wood is dry its time to create the leg profile which we did with a bandsaw 

It's time to assemble the parts , sand and finish with a linseed oil to maintain the most natural look of the walnut as possible

 Our client rocked this design, just perfect for his space and I'm sure many hours of entertaining to follow

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