Custom Stained Glass Door--what a stocking stuffer!!!!

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Ending 2015 with the launch of our new web site.

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Pillow Power!

Love your sofa....but just think something is missing? Or maybe you're falling
out of love with your sofa but aren't ready to commit to a new one.
Well here's a way to make the sofa you have look even better: pillows!
Whether it's color,patter,texture or size.....pillow options can pull a whole room
into focus.

Here's a beautiful beige linen sofa. It's perfect just the way it is. That said, if you feel the need to add a little " something" take a look at the following different pillow options and see just how big a difference they can make.

Take two sets of pillows and pump up the volume ( especially helpful for some people as this is a very deep sofa). See what a difference merely reversing the pillow order can make!

Next up..... a bold blue textural blue and white option. See how the color option lightens up the sofa and works so well with the beige linen.

And, lastly, add a dash of color and whimsy with a bold Guatemalan bolster. This makes the couch seem much longer and more streamlined, but still offers a splash of color.... as well as support.

So, dive in..... while it may only be a can help make a house a home.
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Furniture Store Floor Model Sale for May everything from Contemporary to Vintage Home Furnishings

Summer is fast approaching ( unless you live in Los Angeles and it's always summer) and it's time to make room for our summer collections. Since we build many of our own furniture and upholstery pieces there is always a a constant flow of new products we like to display on our design floor. I took a few pics of new products on our floor. Many of the furniture pieces that we are going to mark down will be featured on our in-stock category.
Featured below is one of our reclaimed wood trestle dining tables we build locally. The runner on the table is hand made in Guatemala.

One of our most popular platform beds, the Helmut bed, is featured in salvaged wood,
although we build in almost any material. The nightstand is from Theodore Alexander, one of the premiere furniture builders in the world.

A classic 4 poster queen bed in a vintage dark stain, a great transitional piece which will work in almost any interior.

Lighting is one of our strong points and we are constantly bringing in new designs from contemporary to classic. Sometime in May we will be introducing salvaged industrial floor and table lamps, this will be a fun addition for the store.

Dining tables are our most popular furniture products we build. I don't think there is a design or material we haven't used (but we'd LOVE a challenge; let us know what type of table you would like us to build for you).

Every 2 to 3 weeks we introduce new vintage and antique Asian furnishings, perfect for any interior design setting.

The urban industrial look has continued to become more popular and we have recently begun making custom metal furniture. This dining table is built with 1/4" thick solid metal and a reclaimed wood top. Most of the tables are finished in rich, dark stains with a satin lacquer top coat.

One of the trade marks of our store and our design sensibilities is our love of eclectic
interiors. I promise you won't be disappointed.
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Life's No Fun Without a Good Scare

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Mortise & Tenon Store Moments

One of the trade marks of our Los Angeles furniture store is the ever changing
floor vignettes.  When we started our retail business twenty years ago we had already
been focusing on custom wood designs and realized how fun it would be to always reinvent ourselves.   The store reflects our  design sensibilities which has been helped along by
the motion picture industry that rents lots of furniture and accessories from stores that are
fashion forward.

A new sectional design with a casual California feel.   This sectional is covered  in
cotton fabric and is 9' x 9'.   Sectionals have been the hit lately and large is more popular
than small.

We specialize in dining tables and with the exception of a few we bring in from top
manufacturers most of the designs are built  in our own local wood factory.   Most of
our clients have unique requirements, sizes, finishes and designs so we have probably
produced  more dining tables than any other product over our 21 years.

Reclaimed wood platform beds and beds in general are number two on our popular
list of custom built products.   Our forte is building with salvaged wood recycled from
local homes, mostly from the 1920's and 30's.   Paring a contemporary or mid-century
style sofa with a reclaimed lumber coffee table is the perfect marriage of style and texture.

Thanks for the visit and if there are any design questions
we are here to help - Jerod
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La Brea Design and Dine "Think Outside The Block" Event

La Brea Design & Dine Event
Oct 21, Thur, La Brea between 4th & Wilshire

La Brea Design & Dine Event
Oct 21, Thur, La Brea between 4th & Wilshire

DESIGN- visit the fabulous La Design District Stores til 9:00 for after hours specials and cocktails

DELISH: Savories, sweets and latin sabor from gourmet food trucks

DELIGHT- gift certificates to be raffle,

La Brea Design & Dine EventOct 21, Thur, La Brea between 4th & WilshireDESIGN- visit the fabulous La Design District Stores til 9:00 for after hours specials and cocktailsDELISH: Savories, sweets and latin sabor from gourmet food trucksDELIGHT- gift certificates to be raffle,
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Los Angeles Luxury Furniture, Interior Designers, Chic Fabric Stores and Boutique Clothing Stores Host 'Think Outside The Block' Shop and Dine Event

Our first ever 'Think Outside The Block' really brought our little piece of La Brea to life. From 6 to 9:30pm the side walk in front of our stores were transformed into a hip nightlife hangout. I felt like I was on the streets of Barcelona, great food ( amazing food), everyone just kicking back on Indonesian benches and talking, I repeat talking to each other, hanging out on a beautiful L.A. fall evening.

A special thanks to Patric  for introducing us to some amazing trucks: COOLHAUS Ice Cream Sandwiches, Mandoline Grill, The Knockout Taco Truck,   The Fry Girl, and Ahn-Joo .

Moms having too much fun, I think she was onto her third glass of wine.

Haven't had a doughnut since the early day's of our factory when there was no fear of burning off all those extra calories( Maite and I were in our mid twenties) until last night, what a guilty pleasure. Shelley Beals was so kind to participate in last nights event and all the proceeds went to a charity close to her heart, The LoveJoy Foundation.  This animal rescue foundation was formed to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals, many neglected and abused.
Thank you Shelley and Toni for working late last night.

A few good reviews of the evening by others much better qualified to use words.
Jessica Obrien Blog
The Huffington Post

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M&T Invites You...

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Get Your Tofurkey Ready, it's Time for the Holiday Season

Seriously. Dining.
Parties? Whatever. 
Presents? Keep em.
I'm all about the sit down dinner, kid. I want to rub elbows with obscure relatives and hear stories about cousins I didn't know I had that involve embarrassing family secrets. And I want to do it here:
Look at this traditional table. Look at those big, comfy chairs and wood legs and dark finish. I want to watch Aunt Gerty get drunk at this table and say things that make us all a little uncomfortable. 
I want to wake up, rub my eyes, and eat leftovers for breakfast right here:
I want to pack the whole, hungover family at this custom oak banquette and watch my good-for-nothing brother poke at his pumpkin waffles and mumble incoherently. I want to talk about going shopping, but then think better of it and instead have another mimosa.
I want to have dinner at this guy's house:
He serves really good scotch and his hot wife dresses totally inappropriately and always takes her shoes off after dinner and leaves them on the coffee table. He got these zebra patterned chairs because he wanted to stay "rock-n-roll" even though he's a corporate attorney and wouldn't know Dr. Dre from Dr. Phil but who cares, man, did you see his wife?? I love the leg on this table: the Queen Anne meets Elvira meets Elvis vibe of it. New Years at this guys house is off the rails, kid, trust me on this.
Big, traditional trestle leg monsters:
Post industrial, splatter punk artworks:
Modern re-examinations of urban green hipsters:
Dining tables are where it's at. You know how they say that the party always ends up in the kitchen? Well, yeah, but it always STARTS at the dining table.
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