Get Your Tofurkey Ready, it's Time for the Holiday Season

Seriously. Dining.
Parties? Whatever. 
Presents? Keep em.
I'm all about the sit down dinner, kid. I want to rub elbows with obscure relatives and hear stories about cousins I didn't know I had that involve embarrassing family secrets. And I want to do it here:
Look at this traditional table. Look at those big, comfy chairs and wood legs and dark finish. I want to watch Aunt Gerty get drunk at this table and say things that make us all a little uncomfortable. 
I want to wake up, rub my eyes, and eat leftovers for breakfast right here:
I want to pack the whole, hungover family at this custom oak banquette and watch my good-for-nothing brother poke at his pumpkin waffles and mumble incoherently. I want to talk about going shopping, but then think better of it and instead have another mimosa.
I want to have dinner at this guy's house:
He serves really good scotch and his hot wife dresses totally inappropriately and always takes her shoes off after dinner and leaves them on the coffee table. He got these zebra patterned chairs because he wanted to stay "rock-n-roll" even though he's a corporate attorney and wouldn't know Dr. Dre from Dr. Phil but who cares, man, did you see his wife?? I love the leg on this table: the Queen Anne meets Elvira meets Elvis vibe of it. New Years at this guys house is off the rails, kid, trust me on this.
Big, traditional trestle leg monsters:
Post industrial, splatter punk artworks:
Modern re-examinations of urban green hipsters:
Dining tables are where it's at. You know how they say that the party always ends up in the kitchen? Well, yeah, but it always STARTS at the dining table.
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Major Motion Picture Props & Set Dressing Auction

                             Visit to start bidding now!

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Fun Online Auction of Props and Set Dressings from Major Motion Pictures and Televisions Shows, Hollywood Product Projects

Don't Miss This!!!!!!
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Metal makes even the worst meal an evening to remember

It's time to chill with the timeless beauty of steel or zinc . How wonderful to eat your favorite meat filled hormone enriched hamburger knowing full well that not only did the cow die for your pleasure but you will most likely get sick from the gift the cow has bestowed upon you.

Heres another wonderful cold and inviting metal top 


How about a giant grasshopper for that special evening when your inlaws are coming over... yum!!!



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Phillip La Brea

Once upon a Wednesday, I received a voicemail from a woman in New Jersey. She was looking to have a table made that was just right, but was having a hard time. I told her that we could do it, no problem! In the mean time, she & her husband were having custom chairs made as well. Samples were sent, a table was made, and I came in today to this lovely e-mail:

We LOVE the new baby! He looks so fabulous in our room and matches the chairs wonderfully!

We have (because we are crazy people) named him Philip LaBrea. Philip is from our favorite book The Pillars of the Earth. He was a monk and this is a monastery table. And La Brea is from your street.

Again we are so happy and appreciate all the work that went into this table. Thanks to you, Maite, Jerod, and all the workers.

More pictures to follow.

*Name changed for privacy*
Check out some more pictures below:
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Halloween Auction

Trick OR Treat!!
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New Designs

... from M&T
58 x 33 x 18"h - edison coffee table - $1695
96 x 38 x 30"h - bergen dining table - $2795
9' x 9' - bayfront sectional - $4550 ~ SPECIAL PRICE $1995
Call Store for Details 323-937-7654
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1 of THE Best Kept Secrets is OUT

1 of THE Best Kept Secrets is OUT

Yeah, I said it, and I meant it! R.L. Spear has auctions filled with anything and everything you could imagine! Spears has, in my opinion, the best bidding site for Hollywoods latest from the costume department,Electronics, or different odds and ends from businesses that are closing. Auctions are typical, competitive at the close, but the items are well worth the bidding war! Enjoy a few snapshots from current and previous auctions, better yet head over to R.L. Spears and have your credit card ready- seriously. And yes, I do accept gifts as a thank you.



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This year, I challenge all of you to take just $10 from your Chistmas shopping budget, and donate it to a charitable cause or arts institution.

Take Ten!

Repost from Patric J Hamiltons Facebook page on Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take Ten! This year, I challenge all of you to take just
$10 from your Chistmas shopping budget, and donate it
to a charitable cause or arts institution.

Every day from nowuntil Christmas, I'll be posting a link to a cause to consider,and I'll be adding the new charity to this Note daily!

 DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS

DIFFA on Facebook

 The Alpha Workshops

The Alpha Workshops on Facebook

 Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America on Facebook

 The Lagond Music School

Thank you, Carl Lana!

 The Ali Forney Center

The Ali Forney Center on Facebook

 Safespace (donation)

Organizing gift baskets, locally in Dade County, Alicia Consuegra

Thank you, Alicia Consuegra!

 The McKelvey Foundation

Thank you, Christine McKelvey!

 The Wichita Children's Home, the BRIDGES Program

Through BRIDGES,16 to 22-year-olds receive housing, counseling and education.The Street Outreach Services (SOS) program focuses on helping runawayand homeless children with basic needs such as clothing and toiletriesand takes resources directly to at-risk youths on the street, incommunity locations, recreation centers, shopping malls and schools.The Street Outreach program provides youth access to a comprehensivearray of services such as crisis intervention counseling, shelter andrunaway programs.

Their Holiday Wish List

Thank you, David Alford!

 Color Our World


Looking for donations to fund colored pencils and erasers for their drastically underfunded Arts program.

 Project Angel Food

Project Angel Food on Facebook

Thank you, Jerod Lazan!

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