The Banquette Kitchen Paradox

In the last year we've custom designed and created more banquette tables than I recall having ever done in years past.  I've always had a love hate relationship with banquettes.  Banquettes create lots of seating space by efficiently attaching benches to walls and providing the always welcome extra trunk storage or drawers.  The unusual shapes add interest and the upholstery adds a terrific opportunity to bring color and texture to kitchens which tend to we monochromatic.   The upholstery also creates a sense of warmth against the hard kitchen materials such as  granite, wood, and stainless steel.  The cozy nook ambiance instantly beckons us over for a quiet cup of coffee or family pizza night.  So what's not to love? my issue is what I refer to as Faux Functionality.
Have you sat at a banquette that where you can't possibly comfortably reach the table so you end up slumped over the table with an aching back or piling a bunch of pillows behind to?  This happens because banquettes are  a cleverly designed piece of  architecture is individually sized  for the particular house, but usually paired with a standard table making them often inefficient and uncomfortable (not to mention the slight sense of claustrophobia if your stuffed in the dreaded middle section).  The physics of a round table inside a hexagon shape doesn't work very well for optimal seating.
Of course our brilliant clients recognize this and have their tables custom made.  By making the table top mirror the banquette shape, at least two more seating areas become available. By making the overhang longer than on a standard oval or round top in proportion to the pedestal we ensure diners can have proper back support and reach their plates.  This can be tricky as we never want the top to wobbly or unbalanced.   
This fabulous metal and reclaimed table was 78 x 54, allowing seating for 8.
         This custom shape provides maximum seating and comfort.
This waxed zinc top can be easily sanded to brand new after the kids "distress" it.
This vintaged racetrack shape looked like it was built with the 1920's bungalow.
This industrial metal pedestal with ebonized solid walnut top proves not all banquettes need be traditional.  Whatever your style, we're ready to create your fantastic and functional banquette table.
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