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Old Pantry Doors Transformed into Art

There are amazing laundry door designs available these days ranging from the now ubiquitous sliding barn doors to sleek mid century doors with frosted glass panels thankfully replacing old school standard-prefab-dust-attracting louvred doors. 

barn doors beautifully upscaled from

There is controversy, however as some plumbers precaution that there must be air flow for the dryer if gas beyond just venting, hence the cheapo "shuttered" doors someone in the 50"s thought was high design.  So while the new doors are gorgeous, they should be left open while the dryer is operating, not so gorgeous.

love the bright green!  Image from

I have a solution.  A stunning solution.  LASERS...

We recently transformed old pantry doors into magnificent works of art. 

 We used the same door frames as the older tracking hardware was much better quality than the new stuff available, and all the leveling was already done.  We cut out the middle louvers  and replaced them with custom laser cut panels in a waterfall design.

For finishing, we took inspiration from a gilded end table, but two toned the doors using a metallic silver back panel to accentuate the antiqued gold metallic panels.



The transformation was close to miraculous.



Without the backing the laser panel doors would make the perfect laundry doors, designer chic and ventilated.  An incredible replacements to these low grade, dust loving, always-off-the-track bifold doors.


Sadly, my own.

Years ago when I remodeled there were no options for these tight spaces, but now I have a dream and I envision doors made out of these Moorish beauties greeting me as I enter the back ktichen door.  



 Sigh, someday...

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