Daniel's Valentine Cutting Board

This year we had a more than the usual requests for special pieces that were special order Valentine surprises.  Our clients seemed very sentimental and creative about wanting to make this year an out-of-the-box event for there loved ones.  

Perhaps after all the tumult and vitriole in our country recently, the concept of snuggling with someone you trust and having gentle conversations while sipping wine or tea became even more important than ever before.  Unless of course, there are alternate facts that prove me wrong...

This year the award for sweetest custom valentine surprise went to our very own Daniel Kucan, move over Cupid


Daniel decided to make a custom cutting board for his special person using solid walnut and oak in a parquet design.

 He used the end grains of the wood which are strong and tight grained,  allowing the wood strikes to be absorbed against the board without causing knicks to the knife or gauging the board.  Antibacterial for the board and good for the knife blades!


I was the puppy wrangler for the secret photo shoot, and Cozy, the star of the cutting board,  was happy to be the center of attention...

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