Phillip La Brea

Once upon a Wednesday, I received a voicemail from a woman in New Jersey. She was looking to have a table made that was just right, but was having a hard time. I told her that we could do it, no problem! In the mean time, she & her husband were having custom chairs made as well. Samples were sent, a table was made, and I came in today to this lovely e-mail:

We LOVE the new baby! He looks so fabulous in our room and matches the chairs wonderfully!

We have (because we are crazy people) named him Philip LaBrea. Philip is from our favorite book The Pillars of the Earth. He was a monk and this is a monastery table. And La Brea is from your street.

Again we are so happy and appreciate all the work that went into this table. Thanks to you, Maite, Jerod, and all the workers.

More pictures to follow.

*Name changed for privacy*
Check out some more pictures below:
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