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Top Two Reasons to Use Zinc on Table Tops

Top Two Reasons to Use Zinc on Table Tops

Zinc has been the rage in the last few years as a surface top for tables, and with good reason.  Here are three of the best.

#1 Styling

The combination of zinc tops on wood frames has expanded the design choices.  The old choices were limited--having an all wood wood table or having a wood and glass combination.  Glass tops are limited to having metal bases which tend to be either overly ornate Tuscany via Vegas style or very contemporary.  Zinc can be dressed up or dressed down with either wood or metal bases and it can be finished with  either a modern  high polish or a European aged patina. 

The weathered Oak, inlaid zinc and vintage nailheads make this table look as if it came straight out of  a wine tasting in Bordeaux


Perfect blend of warm wood and cool metal



This table prefers to spend it's time in the city. 


Zinc also adds a fresh material and texture to a room.  Particularly in kitchens having wooden cabinetry a zinc table provides visual relief and texture. Our custom zinc island provided a focal point to the kitchen. The sleek, polished surface balanced well against the heavier, earthier styling of the reclaimed wood cabinet.


#2 Durability

Wood has the drawback of being easily scratched and gouged by kids or most likely the men in the family that behave like kids.  Glass is forever smothered by  a fog of fingerprints, food or dog slobber (my personal case).  Zinc does not gouge as easily as wood, and when antiqued leaves no evidence of hand prints.  Unlike wood, zinc will never crack or warp or chip like glass. It is non-porous so water rings, etc. will fade and blend over time along with the natural patina that occurs.


Our Viktor table: indestructible zinc  a la urban industrial chic!

 For  you germaphobes,  zinc has the benefit of being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and nonporous.  It also cleans with good old fashioned, non toxic  soap and water, perfect for the family's kitchen banquette table. 

spill and crayola away kids!

We've been using this fabulous new wax to protect further against water rings.  It's 100% natural made from only hempseed oil and beeswax. I apply it without gloves and after years of having chapped hands from applying waxes with chemical, my hands are now pianist soft due to Fend Wax.  Get some!


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That’s gorgeous…and a great new idea. Getting a lil burnt on all the other ideas.
And I like the hempseed oil/beeswax. Gotta jot that down and see if they even carry it here in Knoxville! ?

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