Works By Day and Plays All Night

                                   Life of a working dog.
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A Little Of Every Style of Furniture For the Month Of May

Every month seems to have it's own theme and the month of May has certainly been one of custom furniture randomness.

We have been using custom laser cut panel patterns in many of our cabinets but still haven't featured one on our showroom floor.
The Brentwood Project.:This customer purchases homes and completes high-end remodels. They come to us to help them stage the home with custom furniture. 
Please see the pictures caption to see what pieces are by us. 
Project Designer: David Checorski
Over the last few years we have been building our own custom metal furniture and although this is a piece we buy, not build, it's been fun mixing wood and metal into our designs.
  I love when I get to give the drawing for this geo table to our shop manager, he gives me a blank stare for a few seconds, than it's total concentration for the next 10 hours.
Another Sara Ingrassia custom furniture design. This walnut entry way cabinet is finished in a alcohol glazed stain with a pre-cat bar top lacquer top coat. We put temporary handles on this piece until Sara finds the perfect pulls.
                              Thanks for the visit - Jerod
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Out With the Old, In With the New

A client came into the store the other day with a couple ofvery old chairs that were falling apart. The finish on them (which lookscharming in this photo, but trust me, isnt) was coming off in sheets and the upholsterywas threadbare.



The other problem was that these chairs werent them. They simply didnt fit who theclient was, and how they were going to live their lives.  They wanted something FAR more modern andedgy, even ironic.  

So we went to work. After taking the old finish off, we reupholstered them in this deep purple, and gave them a super glossy black and silver angle.
Now these chairs have a whole new life, and the client has something that they love and that, more importantly, works with who they are.
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We Visited an Organic Goat Farm

Sometimes it's good to tickle a goat. 
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In Case You Missed the Show...

Catch up on what you missed at the Pasadena Showcase!
Per usual, there are a lot of opinions about each space, the designers talent, and the overall finished look. Well, here's another, but a little more open minded and maybe a little less harsh. Or at least I like to think so. 
Every year we file in to view the latest home to be added to the showcase parade. It starts off with a typical ride in a shuttle bus up to the home, that releases you onto a typical looking driveway for the hills of Pasadena/La Canada. Little do you know of what's to come. 
We are greeted by a two-story Mediterranean home with the typical Spanish accents, smooth white exterior, coffered door, and cast iron window grates. After passing through a gorgeous front door, I find myself in a two story entryway, and I have to say it was one of my favorites spaces of the home. It kept with the style of the architecture and feel of the landscape. And unfortunately, was one of the few that did.
As I was ushered through the home, while architecturally undeniably stunning, I have to say some of the decor left something to be desired. I felt confused when surrounded by very traditional elements in a space that is begging for some spanish flair. 
There's an on-going debate between whether the designers should design cohesively as a unit, or as they do now, which is more or less, showing the designers own personal style for the space. I felt confused as I wandered from a room of traditional desert colors, to a room of soft french pastels. But I guess it's all about your interpretation of the space.
Another one of my favorite spaces was a bathroom that was done in a cobalt blue, but wasn't overwhelmingly modern. It tied in nicely with the tile that was throughout the home, and kept with the bones of the home. 
Without a doubt, a common favorite space and topic of conversation were the lush grounds, complete with 2 waterfalls, pool, spa, bar area, fountain, and green house. This yard was made to entertain! (I'm not green with envy, nope, not-at-all.) 
Take a look at some additional photos here. Browse through, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the space.
Like what you see? It's not to late! 
Get your tickets, this is the last weekend!!! 
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Gobble It Up!

I'm going to bypass the rant about how I can't believe it's already November, and where did the time go. Because quite honestly, if I think about it too much, it freaks me out. So I'm going to blog about easy ways to help you get ready for Thanksgiving!
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Take It Outside

It's Summer, 
enjoy those warm summer nights, 
take it outside. 
- dininG -
- activitieS -
- d.i.Y. -
mason jars
tea candles 
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Never too Many Choices

Can there be too many choices.... maybe, but not around our parts. With every new custom order we build we are introduced to a whole new way of looking at a product.

Over the years.... well more like 23 years, we rarely build the same item more than a few times. Our clients are so creative and have such specific design requirements, we have made one of a kind our mantra.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Built for a Luxury Home one the Beach in Malibu California

First order of furniture business to start this new year is to wish everyone a happy, healthy ( mind and body ) and successful 2011.

Since 1989 we have been building custom furniture and almost anything our clients have thrown our way. When my partner Maite and I started our business we rented   the kitchen area of a empty industrial building in San Fernando, California. That 550 sf was all we needed to begin our journey into the world of furniture design and 2 years later opening our first custom furniture store.

A year ago, actually a bit earlier we were asked by our friend Nan Meltzer, interior designer extraordinaire, to build all the interior wood items for a amazing 3 story house on the beach side of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. This was one of the more challenging projects we have done because of the scope of wood work that was required from cabinets to custom banisters, a 200 year old barn ceiling, reclaimed lumber bi-fold doors, lots of custom furniture and more.

For this first design blog of the year I want to feature the kitchen, and mix of contemporary and vintage elements,  beautifully simple and methodically designed for the needs of the clients.

Nothing more exciting than starting with a stripped down interior. I am always amazed at the ability of great interior designers to take a empty palette and turn it into a amazing interior environment.
Want to mention that our vendors for this project are listed at the end of this post, great resources especially the hardware

We built cabinets the same way we build furniture, lots of mortise and tenon joinery,
1 1/2" thick lumber and 3/4" thick classic core plywood sides and back. Yes we use thick plywood on the backs, adds lots of structural support and so easy to install. I know we overbuild everything but there is something comforting about sturdy furniture and it really doesn't add much to the overall cost. Stepping over pennies to save a dollar, not on our watch!

All the doors are inset which can be a bit tricky when these cabinets new home will be at the beach. We actually installed the kitchen well before the home was finished to let the Malibu ocean do it's thing with expanding doors and did final fit and finish a month later.

 As you can see we didn't need many screws or nails for assemble because our manager built these cabinets with traditional joinery. All the shelves were pullouts and we used Accuride Soft Touch hardware on all the drawers. Also, since everything was to be painted a Gloss white we decided to build all the drawers with solid lumber
which made the finish consistent throughout.

A bit strange setting the cabinets when most of the home was still in a rough framed
stage but kinda fun to see the juxtaposition of finished and unfinished elements at the same time.

Slowly but surely the kitchen began to take shape. Once we set the top cabinets
our part of this room was finished... up to the counter guys and tile setter to do their

I think we hung these cabinets in under 2 hours. The walls of this kitchen was shear walled and our cabinets had 3/4" backs so a few screws did the trick.

The guys doing their carpenter magic, checking the cabinet level and fitting the doors. Have to mention how tricky inset doors can be in a older house at the beach. There most of been a 6" grade difference from front to back. I bet most of the homes on the cliff side must be moving toward the sea.

The most fun part of building these kitchen cabinets was putting in the food pantry
and the panels for the Sub-Zero refrigerator. All the pantry shelves were 24" full extension pullouts... you could pack them with a years full of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's goodies.

The door panels fit like a glove although I was on pins and needles or in our case drywall screws and finishing nails when they were getting built... were my measurements spot on or off by 1/2". All was well and everything fit perfectly so it was time to move onto other projects.

Built-in refrigerators are a must for any kitchen redesign.

Finishing touches.

Time to move in!

Resources:http://Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading Company
Decorative Hardware: Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading Company
                  12328 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California
                  818.505.8057 ask for Robert
Lumber:    Valencia Lumber
                  15809 Strathern Street,Van Nuys, CA 91406
                   866-811-2909 ask for Mark
Hardware: Pro-fit Cabinet Hardware,Inc.
11942 Sherman Road, North Hollywood, CA 91605
                    877-765-4055 family run since 1982
Finishing: G & M Paint
8011 Webb Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605
(818) 771-0608
Lastly: We use Elmer's non-toxic water based carpenters glue                                                                                                                                

Resources:Decorative Hardware: Mother of Pearl & Sons Trading Company 12328 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California 818.505.8057 ask for RobertLumber: Valencia Lumber 15809 Strathern Street,Van Nuys, CA 91406 866-811-2909 ask for MarkHardware: Pro-fit Cabinet Hardware,Inc. 11942 Sherman Road, North Hollywood, CA 91605 877-765-4055 family run since 1982Finishing: G & M Paint 8011 Webb Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605 818.771.0608Lastly: We use Elmer's non-toxic water based carpenters glue
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A Client Review of our Store on Yelp-This could be my new favorite furniture store.

Jaclyn S.  Los Angeles, CA


This could be my new favorite furniture store.

Price-wise this is no IKEA but I think most of their prices are actually really reasonable. Walking by the storefront I spotted a beautiful Chesterfield sofa in an indigo and cream classic print. At Anthropologie something like this will set you back 3k-to-5k. This one, however, was marked at ~$1800 (http://www.mortiseteno...). I couldn't believe it so I decided to go inside.

Literally, I've never seen a home interiors store I thought displayed such classic but eclectic good taste. There were furniture pieces with stunning custom woodwork and cabinet designs, detailed with iron or walnut burls. Amongst other things, I looked at botanical prints, framed vintage maps, an armillary sphere, pewter (?) monkeys, and cast iron sparrows finished in verdigris. Overall, I'd come here for framed art and odds and ends, also big furniture pieces. The lamps appeared to be priced in the whopper range ($350++) for the few price tags I perused. However, they said they're usually running some kind of sale, which is definitely a plus.  

Btw - as said in another review, the lack of tude is truly amazing and part of the reason I made a couple purchases. Nobody looked me up and down, nobody followed me around the store or pressured me to buy, but when I had questions they were helpful, charming, and informed.

If your taste is global but not kitschy, refined but not boring, then get on your shopping shoes and check this place out.

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