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Hello my fellow designers and home decor addicts. =) My name is Kristen and I am a new Design Consultant here at Mortise & Tenon. I will be blogging from time to time regarding current trends, finds and obsessions. 
Speaking of all three, I am loving the character people are displaying through their lighting! I've taken, lately, to buffet and bistro lamps. 


Side Note: I think sofa tables are severely underrated and underused. There is a common misconception, that it is a design "no-no", to put a sofa table between the sofa and the wall. No such rule exists. Look how gorgeous this setting is! 
While taking up very little space, you have made a large statement and polished your look with a little ambient lighting. While these lamps on their own will put off a fair amount of light, having them placed next to a mirror allows the light to be reflected and really show off your place. 
I am LOVING the textured and colored lamp shades that are taking L.A. by force. While the Linen shades emanate beach-chic, which is pretty much all over my home, it's fun to throw pops of, well everything else I fall in love with. For example, the light above has the timeless characteristics from the silver and black to the shape. However, the pulling them together for a lamp, just makes it pop. I managed to snag a black velvet lamp shade a bit a go, and paired it with a dainty feaux-porcelain stand. I have to say, this is a crowd pleaser. 
I think pendent lights have been forgotten. I have no idea why, they are the best way to show off the architectural details, that are above the usual eye level. I adore the one shown above. While the shape is traditionally formal, the finish is very casual beach-chic making the final product eye catching. Not only are people impressed with your style, but are now envious of your molding. 
Oh and another side note: Wall mirrors as art. Yes. Hmm, I think I see my next blog. ;)

Hello floor lamps! I feel like this has been trending for the better part of the year, and I am having the best time with it! Whether it's a traditional wrought iron (which is always a favorite) or some industrial rod, people are getting very creative! I have actually seen through various D.I.Y. sites, people making their own lamp shades, and I must say, some of them look very tres chic. In the end, you can never go wrong with a floor lamp. 
Mortise & Tenon would love to see how you have lit your home! Send us a photo and our favorites will be featured! Those that need lighting, come see us and bring a photo of your current space, and get some design advice too! 
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