It's Friday and the last custom dining tables off for delivery

A week of large rustic reclaimed wood trestle tables. Don't know why
we have been building so many of these large custom tables lately, but
this is my favorite style of dining table. These tables built this week are
awaiting sanding and finish; next week will be busy for our finisher.

The delivery guys (and my mom) doing some dusting and making sure the
table perfect is for the client... dinner time is not to be compromised.

The Guiseppe old wood trestle dining table is seen here in a custom aged finish. I think
this design will never go out of style. Custom finishes make such a difference;
dark finishes create a classic feel and the lighter stains a more transitional look.

This is one enormous vintage coffee table. We found an old work bench and
modeled the legs after it; a fun rustic design that works well with almost any
interior style.

Friday evening is fast approaching so Max wishes everyone a great weekend...
and don't forget to throw the ball.

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Behind the Scenes of M&T

Bathroom Cabinet Edition
 Can't find the right piece for your space? We build custom! How custom? Well, I'm glad you asked. Take a look at one of the pieces to be completed today! This is a bathroom Cabinet to hold His & Hers' sinks. 
We build using solid wood. This particular piece was handmade with solid reclaimed Doug Fir, except for the back, which is where the plumbing will go. 
Built using mortise & tenon joinery and the time old tradition of pipe clamps. 
This is one of our new favorites! We'd love to hear your thoughts! 
If you have any questions, call us at 323-937-7654. 
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Custom Stain? No Problem!

Interested in getting a custom piece made, but not sure how it will look? We will send you several samples in the color area you are interested in; once you decide we will match it! 
Check out these beautiful stains we are currently using! 
Interested in getting a custom piece made, but not sure how it will look? We will send you several samples in the color area you are interested in; once you decide we will match it! 
Check out these beautiful stains we are currently using! 


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Our idea of a Hybrid

Well, if you're lucky enough to be at Mortise & Tenon, we'll build the best of both!
Currently unfinished, and waiting for its sofa table companion. Then we will finish them off and send to their new home. 
Without a doubt my new favorite hybrid!
Check back for additional photos!
Shown here with the extensions. 
Additional Pics added 6/12
-Matching Sofa Table-
Table just got stained! 
Added 6/14
-Sofa Table after coming out of the finishing booth-
(4) Drawers on glides with hidden finger pulls underneath
-Table Top Detail-
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Salvaging Reclaimed Wood from a Old Home in Brentwood California which will Soon Become Unique Handmade Home Furnishings

My favorite part of salvaging reclaimed wood is watching the demolition
of a old home or building...can't get the little boy out of me. Most of the
homes throughout southern California are built with Douglas Fir.  Homes
and commercial buildings built before the 1940's were generally constructed
from old growth 2" thick rough sewn lumber as well as much thicker wood
for ceiling trusses as well as other structural supports and sub floors.

This single family residence in Brentwood California, built in 1926
is being demolished to make way for a grand estate. Not only do we recycle
old wood but doors, windows and hardware will all be re-purposed. It's
amazing how little goes to waste if there is enough time to salvage
everything before the construction begins.

This property had lots of amazing 2" x 14" wide boards which we used to
make a 16ft long dining table.

The material we select has to be free of any paint or stain and usually is part of
the sub floor or ceiling joists.

The crew pulls out anything that is metal or copper that can be sold for
scrap -- it's amazing how much there is in one home.

Time to sort and select. Usually the reclaimed wood comes in 3/4" thickness
up to 3" thickness and most of the boards are 4" to 14" wide.

Clean and ready to load onto the flatbed.

Delivered to our factory... 1 1/2 " to 6" thick reclaimed wood up to
22ft long. The next part of handling this salvaged wood is removing all the nails,
staples and little cement pebbles that get stuck in the wood. We use a
metal detector to check our work because one nail can destroy the carbide
cutting blades on the table saws and these blades are expensive!

The end result.  A reclaimed wood dining trestle table we made from
this demolition site. When old growth fir is re milled the amazing beauty of old
growth vertical grain fir is revealed. One of the characteristics of this material
is how hard it is, much different quality than the new rapid growth lumber you find in a Home Depot these days.

For this dining table we applied a toluene free wax finish and lots of buffing.  Solid, resilient, and reclaimed.

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A Short Story of a Custom Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table Handmade in Los Angeles

A few weeks back we received some of the longest reclaimed
wood boards I've seen in a long time.  This salvaged Douglas Fir
was from a high school that was being torn down to make way
for a new one. All I have to say about this is that this old lumber
gets a A+ grade by California standards.

Gluing up the dining table top. We wanted a 3" thick top so we
added one more layer of wood. Years back the 3" tops were made
of solid 3" material but it's practically impossible to find these days,
and none of my crew is getting any younger.   Notice how close the
grain is in this old growth lumber making it denser, stronger and
much heavier than any new lumber.   Even this glued up top will be
well over two hundred pounds.  Handling the heavy reclaimed lumber
is definitely a specialized job:  part carpenter, part Paul Bunyan...

 My favorite style of dining table: a chunky trestle that is beautifully
turned, but earthy and solid.  Elegant and sophisticted,  but understated
at the same time--never fragile and fussy.
Think Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Paris Hilton.

A  good finish is the jewelry of any piece of furniture.   We applied an
alcohol glaze and a pre-catalyzed  bar top lacquer finish.   All the finish
materials in California are very low VOC,s ( Volatile organic
compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids)

Our finisher in action.  Watching Chris work is like watching a
beautifully choreographed dance.   Most of our finishes are layered
( 2 or 3 steps) to create a richer look because simple stains feel
flat to me.   Chris usually does the last layer with a dry brush technique
which give more depth and mystery and everyone likes a bit of mystery
in their lives.

A quick photo and off for delivery. I bet this table will be seeing a few
glasses of wine this evening.

       Thanks for the visit and have a great week.
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