A Short Story of a Custom Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table Handmade in Los Angeles

A few weeks back we received some of the longest reclaimed
wood boards I've seen in a long time.  This salvaged Douglas Fir
was from a high school that was being torn down to make way
for a new one. All I have to say about this is that this old lumber
gets a A+ grade by California standards.

Gluing up the dining table top. We wanted a 3" thick top so we
added one more layer of wood. Years back the 3" tops were made
of solid 3" material but it's practically impossible to find these days,
and none of my crew is getting any younger.   Notice how close the
grain is in this old growth lumber making it denser, stronger and
much heavier than any new lumber.   Even this glued up top will be
well over two hundred pounds.  Handling the heavy reclaimed lumber
is definitely a specialized job:  part carpenter, part Paul Bunyan...

 My favorite style of dining table: a chunky trestle that is beautifully
turned, but earthy and solid.  Elegant and sophisticted,  but understated
at the same time--never fragile and fussy.
Think Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Paris Hilton.

A  good finish is the jewelry of any piece of furniture.   We applied an
alcohol glaze and a pre-catalyzed  bar top lacquer finish.   All the finish
materials in California are very low VOC,s ( Volatile organic
compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids)

Our finisher in action.  Watching Chris work is like watching a
beautifully choreographed dance.   Most of our finishes are layered
( 2 or 3 steps) to create a richer look because simple stains feel
flat to me.   Chris usually does the last layer with a dry brush technique
which give more depth and mystery and everyone likes a bit of mystery
in their lives.

A quick photo and off for delivery. I bet this table will be seeing a few
glasses of wine this evening.

       Thanks for the visit and have a great week.
Posted by jerod lazan on 02 April, 2011
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