Tomorrow morning our very own designer superstar, Daniel Kucan, will be on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family morning show.  He will show an innovative and easy way to protect your beautiful furniture surfaces from being destroyed during your Superbowl Sunday Party.  Here's a sneak peak at the project and watch that will air tomorrow from 7-9 .m.
As always, the cast and crew of Home and Family are a fantastic group to work with. Daniel and Paige Hemmis during rehearsal for our segment.  The glamour of showbusines--hurry up and wait...

The level of concentration needed to pull off this complex task is mind-boggling, but luckily Daniel is a seasoned pro.  All will be revealed tomorrow!
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Unique Christmas Gifts for the Hard to Please

We've stocked the store with fantastical finds for the holiday season guaranteed to put your Christmas gifts on the favorite list of all recipients.  At Mortise & Tenon we enjoy selecting accessories that are as distinct and individual as the custom furniture we hand craft.  Rest assured you won't find these smart and sassy treasures at any mega-mall or mass catalogue.

The interior designs we create for our clients' homes always blend the sophisticated with the whimsical, and this bronze stallion blends both worlds seamlessly. Our classical bronze horse sculpture is more tongue-in-cheek than museum serious with his gold mohawk mane.

 Our vintage glass faceted personal ice buckets are perfect for Limoncello or sweet Vermouth for any hipster holiday soiree. A perfect stocking stuffer for the barrista or mixologist in your tribe.

These antique wooden shoe forms look fantastic on bookshelves as well as desktops appealing to both masculine and feminine types.

 Like all good monkeys, our guy is both cheeky and mysterious, and never to be taken too seriously. Perhaps the perfect poke for the egomaniac on your list...

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mortise & tenon Small Business Saturday Sale

We are open from 10 till 6:30
Lots of great custom-made products built in out Los Angeles work shops.
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Custom designed furniture, lighting at the Awhanhee Lodge- www.mortisetenon.com

I left L.A. last week with two wishes-- to escape the heatwave, and to forget about the world of custom furniture and design for a few days   I escaped  to Yosemite National Park where my first wish was promptly answered by experiencing this year's first snowfall.  My second wish was not granted as I entered the Ahwahnee Hotel, a national historic landmark, and became  enthralled and slightly obsessed by the original furniture, lighting and design details.

Built in the early 1920s to lure the rich and influential to the fairly new Yosemite National Park in order to ensure it's preservation, the Ahwahnee is the architectural gem designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, who also designed the lodges at Zion and Bryce National Parks.  The interior is a fantastic mix of Deco, Native American and Arts & Crafts which were harmoniously married together under the supreme design of husband and wife Dr. Phyllis Ackerman and Professor Arthur Upham Pope.

The attention to detail is evident from the entrance.  The lobby floor appears to be  inlaid tiles of Native American symbols in deep, vibrant hues; however, the flooring is actually rubber--an innovative element that kept the floors warmer and was less costly than tile.

The Ahwahnee boasts several glorious fireplaces ranging from a colossal 7 foot tall stone behemoth large enough to roast a mammoth to a cozy, copper corner fireplace tucked away in a quiet alcove.

My personal favorite was this one at the elevator lobby with the original stencil mosaic of Indian basket designs.

Within the Great Lounge are two over sized,  original Oak library tables in the Arts and Crafts styling which have been immaculately preserved.  One table has an intricate set of stretchers and the classic Mission key at the base.

Throughout the hotel, there are hand forged and distinctly designed chandeliers, each highly individual and elegantly crafted.

The exquisite design balance of  a truly luxurious and grand space, yet one that also exudes  warmth and comfort was inspiring to witness, and I returned to L.A. refreshed and energized.

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Don't Leave Your Table Naked

Don't leave your table naked.
There's a table.
You have meals at it.
Don't leave your table naked.
Give your table some love, and dress it up! 
Here are some of my favorites, some seasonal, & some for your viewing pleasure. 
*lightbulb: Have a messy family, but want a grown-up table? 
Go to your local fabric store and buy some linen/canvas/etc. and cut it into 24" width strips x however long you wish them to hang over. Wash them when they're dirty (no dry cleaning necessary) & throw them out when they've reached their limit. 
check it out
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