Creating the Perfect Asian Influenced Plasma Cabinet for a Client

Can't believe June is now over... this whole year has been a blur. Guess
my parents were right when they said time speeds up as you get older.
So our last order of business for this month was completing the custom
Asian influenced plasma armoire pictured below. The client needed a
place to hide their 60" plasma; along with lots of electronics. After many
hours of playing around with designs, we finally all agreed on a bi-fold
armoire, based on an antique black Asian console we had in the store.

The finish on this piece turned out trickier than we first thought. We wanted
an almost crackled black finish with an aged dark brown stain underneath.
To get a worn/aged finish on the edges we used a razor blade and scraped
the black paint off to reveal the dark stain beneath.

Here we can see Moises making sure all the shelves fit and checking every inch of
this piece...want to make sure it's perfect for the client!

Finished and waiting for the delivery company. One of these day's we
will set up a space to take nice pics but it seems there is never enough time.

We made all the back panels removable so it would be easier to deal with all the
cables that are part of a high quality audio/video system.

All the hinges on this piece were hand made from brass which was a
pain when it came time to hang the doors... but when it was finished...
it looked great!

It's all in the details!

Thanks for the visit and a happy/healthy 4th of July to all- Jerod
Posted by jerod lazan on 16 November, 2015 0 comments
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