Challenging Interior Design Projects we've taken on in the past few years is Customizing the Interior of a Beautiful Home in Malibu, California.

One of the most fun and at times challenging interior design projects we've
taken on in the past few years is customizing the interior of a beautiful home
in Malibu, California. Nan Meltzer, the amazing project manager/interior
designer ( including the furniture ) created the perfect blend of zen and beach
casual influenced by vintage Swedish design.

I have to say the stairway was probably one of the harder parts of this project
since the house was on the cliff side of the beach and not one even surface to
be found. The stairs had to be built in our shop and installed the day the clients
moved in so we had to get this right the first time.

Day 1: the most important part of this project was getting accurate templates
of the stairway since no two treads were the same measurement. Once we
made the templates we assembled the base moulding which gave us the
foundation to put the rest of the stairway together.

Day 3: Once all the pieces were cut, and lots of pieces there were, we began the assembly of the banister. We used a plywood template with the exact layout of
each section of banister as a guide for the final assembly.

Day 6: Once we finished assembling all the sections back to the house for a
final check. With so many small measurement variations in each tread we had
to make sure everything fit perfectly before we could apply the finish.

Day 6 1/2: Final section fitted for it's new home. I think this was the hardest
section to get right because the ceiling and floor were going in different directions.

Have to say this was one of the best locations to work at, the waves crashing
in the background and a gentle ocean breeze almost everyday...perfect!

Day 9: I think it took under 5 hours to do final assemble, just in time for the
furniture movers.

With the ocean in the background this makes for one nice looking close-up of
the banister.

               Mortise and Tenon Custom Furniture
Have a great weekend
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