Los Angeles Furniture Store Building a Beautiful Custom Mahogany Trestle Dining Table

If only clients knew how much time and details go into some of the custom
furniture we build. This Mahogany trestle dining table gave our manager a
workout since this table had to be built in solid Mahogany, lots of time was
taken just to glue up all the parts before a single cut could be made. Most
wood doesn't come in very thick dimensions so if we want 12" thick trestle
legs than we have to create this the old fashion way, one board at a time.

The pic below is the glued up sections that will be cut into the pedestal part
of the trestle and the leg base. 

During the time of the Italian revival architects thought that nothing was
complete without a pedestal so we feel this table is the most complete
design we make.

After we build the base it's time to work on the top. This dining table was 96"
long and with 2 20" leaves which makes for lots of great entertaining.

We build all our extension dining tables with wood tracks that support leaves
on the ends of the tables. Although  there are times we do the "split in the middle
thing" it's nicer aesthetically to have a beautiful clean top without a break in the

The top on this table had a simple 2 1/2" solid wood border with a hand
picked Mahogany veneer in the middle. I want to mention a bit about veneers
since there is lots of confusion about this material. 
Webster say's it's:
1: a thin sheet of a material: as a
a layer of wood of superior value or excellent grain to be glued to an inferior wood.
The benefit of using veneers is that we can get premium quality wood surfaces htat don't shrink or crack.
When we do table tops that don't have wood headers or frames, then solid wood
is o.k. Wood will move a bit with changes in humidity and alternating grain
won't allow the solid wood to expand and contract which leads to shrinking and cracking.

Our manager was proud of the seamless fit between the apron leaf and the table.

It's fun to take a peak under the table.

On Monday we will be sanding and prepping the table for finish. This table
will have some secrets since the base will be finished in a glazed black paint
which will hide the solid Mahogany wood beneath. Maybe in a 100 years
someone will want to refinish this table and realizes the beautiful material hidden
from the world.

Detail of the Mahogany dining table top, we used a alcohol stain and gloss lacquer
top coat, turned out pretty amazing.

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