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I create harmonious, beautiful, exciting, and interesting spaces that reflect the personalities of my clients.  Composition, space planning, color palate, texture, and flow are all necessary components of a successful design.  It's important to go beyond those prerequisites though, to a place of understanding each client and their individual wishes, tastes, style, budget, and personality.

My 20 plus years as an Emmy award winning set decorator have taught me many things. The first among them is to find out who the character is and create an environment that reflects the personality of that character.  Other things I have learned in this field have been the execution of a design in an expedient time frame and with in definite budget limits.  My past experience as a furniture storeowner has taught me the value of quality goods, and has given me access to major furniture and accessory lines.  My experience as a wife and mother of 2 has given me insight as to the importance of comfortable living and durable design.  My background in art has given me organic understanding of balance, color and proportion.  My 10 plus years of designing homes has given me the background to know what works for my clients.

I strive to see that my client's home be one that reflects their individuality, as if they were characters in a movie.   Each project is unique to me.  It flows from getting to know my client's individual sense of style.  Rather than inject my own personal style I strive to facilitate my client's desires for the spaces that reflect them.  I enjoy working in a variety of different ways to create the look that they wish to achieve.  

In the process of each project, I get to know my clients, assess their concerns and objectives, and guide them toward the outcome that best reflects their personal tastes.

I help cut through the confusion of what can sometimes be an overwhelming process of designing a home.  I listen to what clients are trying to achieve, offer new ideas or help organize existing ones. 

Sometimes the use of photos either from the client or myself can help create a visual dialog and solidify a concept.  I then begin the process of the actual design, and execution of the project. Having years of experience and access to vendors and craftsmen that may not be available to the general public can save the client time, money, and frustration.  My professional services can help avoid costly mistakes that can sometimes be made when not working with clear direction. The outcome is one that combines color, scale, texture, and unique objects to create a beautiful, functional, comfortable, and exciting environment unique to each client.

I believe that the design experience both for me and my clients, while being professional, should also be creative, fun, and enjoyable.

I find it interesting to work on a variety of different projects, whether it be traditional, modern, Spanish, Tudor, English, French, California casual, transitional, eclectic, or anything else that comes my way.

I believe it is important to remain flexible, and open to the serendipity that comes from being open to all styles.

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